Canada Decon Ltd. is an established Canadian based company that has been in the industry servicing Canadians for nearly four decades. Canada Decon Ltd. and their technicians are accurate, professional, sensitive and pay attention to detail. Canada Decon Ltd. technicians are trained in the procedural removal, decontamination and sanitization of a crime scene. They are fully aware that oftentimes tragedy and unfortunate circumstances occur unexpectedly and require immediate attention and service. This is why Canada Decon Ltd. Is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year responding to emergencies. Whether they are residential, industrial or commercial.

Canada Decon Ltd. effectively deals with the removal , disinfection and sanitization of blood, bodily fluids, and pathological waste in all of it's forms. Canada Decon Ltd. uses the utmost professionalism in accordance with Canadian Environmental Laws & Regulations and is fully equipped with state of the art equipment.

Canada Decon Ltd. has worked closely with large Decontamination companies.They have also worked for various government based facets including the Toronto and Regional Police. He has also led large teams in assisting with the decontamination of H1N1 Virus when the pandemic hit worldwide.

Canada Decon Ltd. offers service to all Canadian Provinces with a particular focus for Ottawa and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).